Three Technocratic Artifacts for the WARPLAND RPG

Three Technocratic Artifacts for the WARPLAND RPG Forbidden by The Tenet, the technological wonders of the Eloi are anathema to the denizens of the civilized places of Warpland , the death sentence that they carry ensures that only the bravest and most secretive Technocrats are able to keep more than a handful. The WARPLAND RPG core book * includes only 13 of these Technocratic treasures, and here are three more from me.  Quantum Harmony Generator  This device emits harmonizing quantum waves that stabilize the chaotic energy of Warpland, creating pockets of relative calm and clarity amidst the swirling psychedelic chaos. It acts as a sanctuary for weary travelers and provides temporary respite from the mind-bending effects of the environment. Upon activation, the Quantum Harmony Generator nullifies the effects of the Aether of Warpland for 1d6 hours in a radius of 2d6 x10 feet. A single use of this device is enough to completely drain a Crystal Shard. Molecular Phase Disruptor This onc

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