Three Skills for the WARPLAND RPG

I recently got a hold of a copy of Gavriel Quiroga's excellent WARPLAND RPG and while we were making characters for it, a few people's character idea didn't quite jibe with the skills in the book, which meant it was time to make something new! Here are three skills that we're currently trying out in my Wednesday night WARPLAND campaign. Assassin: murder for hire is always a growth industry and these lands are no exception. Assassins' stock and trade is the art of subtlety, of stealth, of knives in the back, and poison in goblets. Experts with poison, assassins may use it without fear of poisoning themselves and have an encyclopedic knowledge of its use and manufacture. Similarly to thieves, assassins have a contact within the Brotherhood of Whispers; a wise assassin maintains a ready source of work. Further, the assassin may choose one ranged weapon to be skilled in. Mutant: the wastes of Arkanar are rife with savage mutant bands desperate to eke out a meager existe

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