The Tiamat Initiative - A New Source of Mutation for TMNTOS

Even before I learned about Palladium Books' TMNTOS reissue (on Kickstarter now), 2023 was shaping up to be another one of those years where my interest swings back around to TMNTOS from a simple discussion a few months back about RPG artists, and one whose work I've always enjoyed is Jim Lawson, who I know entirely for his work on TMNTOS. After some research, I discovered that Lawson was one of the key artists who took over penciling and inking duties from Eastman & Laird over time. That rabbit hole lead to me reading all of the TMNT Classics comics, finishing that up right about the time the KS launched. As I started toying with the idea of running TMNTOS again -- which I totally want to do, this game is one of my all-time favs -- I realized how dissatisfied I am with the whole "ooze" mutagen concept that's very present in the TMNT-osphere. I wanted something different for a game I was going to run, and I liked the idea of some 70's high concept sci-fi i

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