WARBAND! Wednesday: Combat Round Sequence Of The 41st Millennium

Here's the first of potentially several posts about Mike Davison's WARBAND! This time, I show off how we re-jiggered the round sequence as well as a few other house rules that we put in place. In reality, we started with the other house rules first and added the new round structure around them to make it all feel suitably grotty. Combat Round Sequence Of The 41st Millennium One of the great things about the WARBAND! rule set is how closely it hews to the BX rules that are so near to the hearts of so many gamers, myself included. However, for those of us who also have a fondness for 40k and other Warhammer properties (Rogue Trader is in my heart, y’all), a slightly more Warhammer-y round structure may be desired. What follows is a combat encounter round structure that more closely (though imperfectly) mirrors the round structure of 40k, but retains much of the BX sensibility. Round Setup At the start of the round, a small amount of planning and housekeeping needs to ha

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