Transylvania, Anno Domini 1818

In my last post , I talked about the Transylvania game (still wanting for a name) that I plan on running in WARPLAND . I mentioned that the game will take place "in the Age of Napoleon," but that's pretty vague. Are we talking during the Napoleonic Consulate? The French Empire? The 100 Days? Well, the nice thing about Transylvania's remoteness from the front line of the Napoleonic Wars is that, for the most part, the only important dividing line is the Congress of Vienna because, after that, the Holy Roman Empire no longer exists. And Transylvania was tucked nicely into that corner of the HRE that is today called Hungary. After the Congress of Vienna, though the Holy Roman Empire no longer existed, the Hapsburg Empire of Austria did (literally the same group, just minus the "Holy Roman" name and clout). Other than a name change (and the corresponding loss of clout and move toward an ever-so-slightly more secular claim to power), life in Transylvania moved on

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