Three More Skills for the WARPLAND RPG

I enjoyed coming up with my last set of skills for Gavriel Quiroga's WARPLAND RPG so much that I immediately started looking for other things to turn into skills! This is a very fun way for me to inject my personal heavy metal acid fantasy blacklight poster vibe into a game that already is swinging that vibe pretty strongly.

scourge for warpland rpg

Seen by most outside their order as intolerant zealots, Scourges cleave closer to the Tenet than many are comfortable. Experts in the use and application of the cleansing fire of the True Light, Scourges can capably handle any incendiary or flammable device or substance adroitly and can quickly assess a situation (Wits test) to determine the most effective way to turn it into a conflagration. Once per session, a Scourge may spend a Willpower point to create flame where none exists; this flame persists for 1d4 hours without fuel, or longer with it. If this flame is applied to a weapon, that weapon does +1 damage.


In a world that abhors the written word, the only way for news to spread is by mouth. Heralds enjoy a measure of freedom to travel unknown to common folk, and will not be prevented from entering any settlement (with few notable exceptions) on promise of word of the world abroad. Blurring the line between diplomat and gossip-monger, verbal journalist and spy, heralds are able to identify and interpret any heraldic or informative symbols with inerrant accuracy. Heralds begin the game in possession of one mount of the player's choice. Once per session, the herald may declare a local contact for hot gossip, spend a Willpower point and test Wits. If the test is successful, the contact is present and can be located; if not, they cannot be located. On a complication, someone else is looking for that contact, too.

torturer for warpland rpg

Luminaries of the True Light, grim warlocks of Noch and the techno-lords of Lagash all make use of the torturer's art. These musicians in the key of pain are virtuosos with thumbscrews, blades, torture devices like the rack and the very limits of human tolerance. Torturers can instantly evaluate any device by its capacity to inflict pain. Once per session, a torturer who practices their arts on an NPC victim may spend a Willpower point and make a Lore test; if successful, the torturer may ask the GM a number of questions equal to the higher of the two dice. The GM must answer these questions honestly and should volunteer relevant tangential information. The victim takes an amount of damage equal to the questions asked. If the dice roll fails, the GM informs the torturer of three pieces of information, only one of which is true, and the torturer has no way to determine which is true. 

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