Three Civilized Skills for WARPLAND RPG

 Keeping the new skills for WARPLAND rolling, here are three skills that really shine in civilized lands. Bonus: all three skills are heretical by nature!


You may be a devotee of a renowned scholar or a journeyman honing your skills. Perhaps a novice priest not ready to take orders. You may even be a part of a secret cabal of knowledge-seekers or some other, even more heretical organization. Yes, you can read & write. Possessed of the boundless confidence evinced by students throughout time, once per session, you can declare that you have studied a particular field. Make a self-aggrandizing statement about your study of the field and spend a Willpower point. Your Lore tests based on that field of knowledge are made at +1 until the end of the session. Penniless, you start the game solely in the possession of writing implements (disguised in a manner you describe) as well as a hand-copied textbook detailing the field of knowledge you suddenly know all about (see above). 


Those in power -- be they aristocrats or the church -- must be removed. You are part of one of the many cults and secret societies that spread like a poxy plague throughout the so-called "civilized" lands of WARPLAND. Adept at hidden meanings and messages, you have mastered the hidden speech of innuendo and may attempt a Wits test to successfully convey your meaning without actually saying what you mean. Furthermore, your network of co-conspirators, revolutionaries and opportunists can often supply you with material support for your activities; once per session, you may spend a Willpower point and make a Wits test to acquire a special item (or items) that will assist whatever revolutionary activity you're planning. It is up to the GM to determine the scope of this item. Sadly, clandestine activities often test the resourcefulness of the character and thus you begin play with few resources, but carry a signifier (such as a signet ring or amulet) of your organization; being caught with this symbol marks you for death in the region of your origin. 


You are high-born and you know it. Better yet, those around you know it. Your blood ties to the aristocracy (most likely of Sunno or Obsidia, though there may be mutant aristocracy in Arkanar, who knows?) have given you an extensive, occasionally blasphemous education, including the heretical art of literacy. You are proficient in one general weapon type beyond the usual list (such as "swords" or "axes" or "bows") and gain a +1 bonus to all Social tests against the underclasses and allied aristocrats, but suffer a -1 penalty to all Social tests against enemy nobles. In addition, once per session, you can spend a Willpower point to assert your privileges and reroll any failed Social test. You may start the game with an ancestral weapon (of the type you're proficient in) and a suit of Medium or Heavy Armor; however, recent carousing has caused you to squander all but the 1d6x5 cp on your person. 

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