Three Dark Fantasy Skills for the WARPLAND RPG

The third part in an ongoing series of new skills for the WARPLAND RPG by Gavriel Quiroga. Today, we dip our toes into dark fantasy with a trio of skills meant to bring a little bit of horror to your WARPLAND PCs.

A Far Future Revenant for WARPLAND RPG


*This skill counts as two skill selections.

You know that you died. You remember it. So why are you still alive? Once per session, if you are dropped to zero hit points, you may spend all of your Willpower points to return to consciousness and resume the fight (you must spend all remaining Willpower points). For each Willpower point spent, you may roll 1d6; you regain that many hit points (up to your maximum). When selecting this skill, you also gain a Taint. 

Warp Wolf*

*This skill counts as two skill selections. 

There are no scholars in Warpland, thus no one debates the origins of the Warp Wolf, but all know tales of those who take on the shape of a wolf to hunt. Once per session, you can transform into a monstrous hybrid of man and beast by spending a Willpower point, gaining a natural tooth and claw attack that does +2 Slashing as well as 1 Armor for one scene. Further, you may spend a Willpower point to tap into your bestial senses (whether in hybrid form or not) to track foes; on a successful Lore test, none can hide from you. When selecting this skill, you must also select one Negative Mutation and one Taint. 

Far Future Vampire for WARPLAND

*This skill counts as two skill selections.

Through mishap, ritual or curse, you have become one of the undead. For every turn spent in sunlight, test Might to avoid damage (sunlight is a +2 weapon). You gain a natural bite attack (+0 damage, heal damage equal to ½ the damage done by this attack) and once per session, you may spend a Willpower point and a Lore test to mesmerize an NPC. While mesmerized, the NPC will treat you as a trusted friend and confidant, perhaps a lover. You also gain two Taints. 

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