In The Witching Wood - Development Draft Released

Last weekend I mentioned that I'd started on a project for the A Town, A Forest, A Dungeon Jam for the Cairn RPG over on I wasn't quite able to land the project before the cutoff time of 2p today (5 July 2023), but I did compile what I've got and submit that instead. 

I'm calling this a "Development Draft" if only because that's what it occurred to me to call it. I'll be adding to it until it has all of the content I intend for it to have, then I'll shop around for an editor and start on the art & layout. 

One of the coolest parts of this process has been establishing some writing accountability for myself. Every time I stopped writing for the day, I would compile what I'd written so far and share it with someone who hadn't seen it yet. In a way, I suppose, I'm continuing to do the same thing: releasing In The Witching Wood on Itch for this Jam means I'm accountable to everyone who bothers to look at it. 

Let's hope that works.