These are the games that I'm currently running:

  • The Iron Coast (ACKS):  my live game, this Adventurer, Conqueror, King game runs on a two-weeks on, two-weeks off basis. On a far shore from Ur-Hadad, the First City, adventurers struggle to carve out their own legend, writing it in blood and treasure. 
  • Hyperbarbaria: Played with the Delving Deeper ruleset, this campaign centers around the Hyperbarbaria subcontinent of the world of Ore, far from Ur-Hadad, and focuses on the efforts of a band of now-largely-mutated adventurers in and around the ages lost dungeon of Quasquetherion. 
  • Voyages of the Berg Breaker: An Astonishing Swordsmen & Sorcerers of Hyperborea campaign, this one centers on the crew of the Berg Breaker, a merchant vessel plying the seas of Hyperborea. 
  • Metal Gods of Ur-Hadad: This DCC game over Google+ (using Roll20) is alternately run by me and Edgar Johnson. Whichever of us is not running will be playing. 


I'm currently developing campaigns for the following game systems:
  • In The Shadow of the Black Giant: for the BLUEHOLME retroclone, this campaign centers around a small Bavarian valley and the black volcano - a forgotten nexus of Chaos energies - that looms above it. 
  • Hadadspace: a top secret-ish project (just because I haven't announced anything about it yet) where I mash up some stuff with some other stuff and put it on the framework of something else to create a sci fi/sword & planet experience centered around the world of Ore, homeplace of Ur-Hadad. 
  • Exiles In Eden: this RuneQuest campaign focuses on a decimated human clan who has come to a new land after being cast out of their homeland to find themselves in a wilderness untouched by the hand of man. How will the clan survive? 


  • Metal Gods of Ur-Hadad: As mentioned above, I'll be playing in this game at least half of the time. 


  • A Night In Ur-Hadad: Previously called "FLAILSNAILS of Ur-Hadad," this Swords & Wizardry pick up game focused on the exploits of a band on bounty hunters and was heavily influenced by Queen songs and Marx Brothers movies. This is the campaign where the huge debacle with the Bloody Successors' attempted coup was primarily played out.