Weekend Monster Sketches

 Today, my daughter and I were drawing at the dinner table and I posted the results to Instagram and figured "why no blog?" 

For this first piece, my daughter told me to draw an "eyelash monster" and this is what happened. I just watched the Tom Baker Doctor Who episode "The Invisible Enemy," and I was definitely inspired by that. I liked the idea of the eyelashes themselves being the monster, some sort of parasitic infection, I think.

For this pic, I accepted my daughter's suggestions on what was wrong with the first drawing. It needed a mouth and big hair and hands with three fingers and feet with two toes. Unfortunately, I missed the very important instruction that it be wearing a skirt, but she liked it well enough regardless.

This last one was a pic I started for the "Killer Salamander" in the Guild DUNGEON, Level 2, Room 3. I couldn't think of how to draw a normal adult salamander, but I could picture an axolotl, so I went that direction, using flames for the gill structures to either side of its head. I started to lose interest after I had so much fun on the face, so I kind of phoned in the rest of the pic, but after I drew the tiny legs, I decided that an important detail of the Killer Salamander encounter is that the salamander is regrowing its legs (which I think should be on the ground in front of him), so he doesn't have the mobility he normally would have. This ties in nicely with another feature of that room that will force the players to make a difficult choice.