The Euphoria Garden -- Warpland RPG

The Euphoria Garden

A dangerous adventure location for the WARPLAND RPG.*


Even in the bleak lifelessness of Obsidia, nature continues to find a way. Pockets of volcanic rock and ash have led one particular valley to be lush and verdant, teeming with plant life. Life won so sorely is cherished very dearly and this garden has found new ways of nourishing itself. An array of exotic flowers and vines fill the air here with heavy, wet, sweet-fragranced pollens, the mere touch of which on bear skin can produce a mild numbness. Inhaling these soporific pollens induces euphoria and a dream-like trance, making one capable of little more than contemplating the vibrant colors of the leaves, petals and fruits of the garden. Warlocks, it is said, will pay many gold rings for samples of the flowers and fruits of the garden, though none who claim first-hand experience of the place dare return: all tell tales of the Mindbloom; and though all know of it, few accounts agree on more than their dreadful nature and fierce stewardship of the garden. 


“An otherworldly garden blooms with exotic flora that exude euphoria-inducing scents and radiates vibrant colors. Partaking in the garden's nectar grants temporary enlightenment and heightened awareness.” 


The garden is fiercely protected by the Mindbloom, sentient plant creatures with telepathic abilities. They can manipulate perceptions and project vivid hallucinations to ensnare intruders. Trespassers risk becoming lost in a euphoric haze and falling victim to the Mindbloom’s hypnotic control, doomed to a slow death from starvation, their decaying bodies returning to the soil, nourishing the garden, their psyches ensuring the potency of the hallucinogens and euphorics of the plants.

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