Dead Horse Mag #1 & Origins Game Fair '23

Dead Horse Mag #1 -- Available for Pre-Order!

Back in March or April, Kirby from Disaster Tourism invited me to submit an article for the Dead Horse Magazine that they and Christian Sorrel of Meat Castle Gameware were putting together. Long story short, it's ready and up for pre-orders! Dead Horse is a horror-themed RPG magazine with material from creators across the RPG spectrum, including myself and Crab Dominion. Thankfully, Kirby & Christian kinda let me do my own thing, so I bring the literary absurdism to the issue's theme of Unsettling horror.

Origins Game Fair '23

I live in South Haven, Michigan and none of my regular players live anywhere near me.
James MacGeorge lives near Pittsburgh, PA.
James Smith & John Wickett live near Cincinnati, OH. 
Michael lives in Dallas, TX. 
Jerry lives in Mexico City. 
Slacker lives in Maine somewhere. 

There are echoes of the early days of the Metal Gods of Ur-Hadad campaign here. 

I lived in Ypsilanti, MI.
Edgar lives in GA.
Wayne lives in VA.
Bear lived in IL.
James MacGeorge lived in TX.
Gabriel lives in Monte Video, Uruguay. 

You get the idea.

But back in 2014, the Metal Gods guys (well, most of us) met at GenCon. For most of us, it was the first time meeting in person. The event was legendary. 

Pandemic, breakdown of the social fabric, inability to go to cons for a few years and major life changes all happen.

And then James MacGeorge asked me: "Hey, do you feel like going to Origins this year?"

Origins is in Columbus, OH, which is a decent midway point (with a bit of a detour) from both of us. You know who else can make it? Our friends from Cincy. And then there are all of our Con Rat friends like Doug Kovacs who are going to be there anyway. Oh, and Columbus seems to have a decent zoo, so there's stuff for the fam to do during the day (since all of the best gaming is after-hours, off-the-books gaming). 

So we're going to Origins this year. Well, tomorrow. 

Hit me up if you're there and want to hang out!