Let's Talk About Hubris

No, not the consistent element of Greek (and other) tragedies, but rather the campaign setting for DCC being Kickstarted right now by +Mike Evans, a guy who I'm proud to call a friend, happy to call a fellow blogger and willing to call an all-around pretty damn awesome guy. I could go off and explain why I'm excited about the Hubris project, but I don't think there's any way for me to capture Mike's boundless enthusiasm, prolific-yet-inspired writing or inimitable juxtaposition of grimdark and gallows humor, so I might as well let him do it for me.

Here's his blog: https://wrathofzombie.wordpress.com/

"Oh," you may be saying to yourself right now, "that guy? The Wrathofzombie guy?"

Yeah, him.

His name is Mike and he's pretty cool.

He makes stuff for free, then cleans it up and puts it all together in one place, making it cohesive, and that's what Hubris is, which is pretty damn awesome. And also sort of what I do with Metal Gods.

Speaking of the Metal Gods, the Metal Gods team has been using stuff that Mike wrote in our regular game for... 2 years? 3 years? I don't even know anymore. It's hard to keep track of how long that game has been going on. I think we're coming up on our 3rd anniversary and so far, Mike's creations have given rise to such awesome moments as Scorpion Boy, the urchin-turned mutant who's a complete suck-fest but manages to survive due to his scorpion tail and acid blood, and Sybian the Whore-Forged, a "murder machine" (Mike's name for the class) that we found in a basement and gave to +Gabriel Perez Gallardi's super-creepy cleric of Cthulhu, Nimue, to use in her "rituals."

At this point, you're sick of bloggers shilling for KS projects. I am, too. So I'm not going to. Rather, I wanted to make sure that folks knew this was out there and is in its last few hours of KS-ing as well as let folks know that -- even before I became friends with the guy -- I was happily making use of the stuff that he posted for the community to use. In some ways, I think I'm proposing that the community "give a little bit back," but I'm not really up for that degree of pressure.

One more thing: Mike has tapped me, +Wayne Snyder+Harley Stroh+Kelvin Green & David Lewis Johnson to each write five monsters as a stretch goal once he hits $7000, a totally attainable goal. Along the road to this extra 25 monsters, there would be a ton of extra art added to the game as stretch goals as well.

Check out the Hubris Kickstarter here: http://kck.st/1Ozu1l2