DCC Donnerstag: The Resplendent Aweswine, Spellburn & Invoking the Patron

Last week, I introduced you to a patron that I kind of made up on the spot as a result of misspelling the word "awesome," inspired by some of the revelations from one of the "Night in Ur-Hadad" games I ran at Marmalade Dog Con this year (thanks again to +Shane Harsch for all the #wizbiz). Rather than give any more of an intro, let's just jump into the shizz, shall we?

Patron Spellburn: the Resplendent Aweswine

  1. The Resplendent Aweswine feels the immediate need to experience a particular food of the Judge's choice and will live vicariously through the experiences of the caster. If the caster satisfies this craving before sunrise of the following day, all Spellburn associated with this result is negated. 
  2. The caster is parched with an urgent thirst that only alcohol can slake! For every ability score point Spellburned, he must consume 1 pint of alcohol. If he can consume a number of pints of alcohol equal to the amount Spellburned, the caster loses only half that amount, but entirely from his Personality score. If he cannot consume enough alcohol, he's just a drunk.
  3. A third eye opens on the caster's forehead and divine cosmic knowledge begins to flow outward from it. In addition to any and all Spellburn attempted, the caster must reveal a truth of the universe unknown to any present that satisfies the Judge. If he does not, he incurs the Spellburn as normal, but gains no benefit from it. 
  4. A sublime radiance settles upon the caster as if from above. It joins its power with the caster's, leaving him weaker, suffering the effects of his Spellburn. The caster must make a Will Save (DC 10+level of the spell being cast); if successful, the radiance doubles the effect of the Spellburn. If unsuccessful, the Spellburn affects the spell normally. 

Invoke Patron: the Resplendent Aweswine

  • 12-13: The Aweswine is occupied at a particularly stunning repast. Although he is incapable of directly aiding you, your communion with him channels some of the ambrosia and soma he is consuming into and perhaps through your undeserving mortal essence. The caster or an ally of the caster's choice within 30' regains 1d6+1 hit points and is fortified physically and psychologically as if he had just eaten a gourmet meal. The target of this effect does not need to eat for 24 hours. 
  • 14-17: Your spiritual link with the Resplendent Aweswine finds the patron deep in the middle of a story, witticism or other insightful statement. You may (a) know the answer to the next riddle or puzzle posed to you, (b) receive a +5 bonus on your next skill check or (c) gain a +2 bonus to attack and damage for 1d4 rounds. 
  • 18-19: The Aweswine presents you with a gift of the remnants of a feast he has attended, a "celestial doggie bag" There is enough food to feed CL+1 people; all people thus fed regain 1d6 hit points per CL of the caster. For each person thus fed, the meal also includes a small, baked confection containing a tiny strip of paper. On each slip of paper, written in red ink, is a secret bit of wisdom written by the Aweswine, intended for the person who opens it. This customized message centers the reader's thoughts and being, giving him a +2 bonus on his next d20 roll of any kind. A character may only "hold" one of these "fortunate cookies" at a time and no one can gain the benefit of another person's cookie. 
  • 20-23: The Aweswine sends a Daemon Swine (Type I Demon) to assist the caster for a period of 1d4 hours. The Daemon Swine is large enough to be ridden by the caster, is fastidiously cleanly and may fly at twice its normal movement rate. 
  • 24-27: The caster channels the awe-inspiring majesty of the Resplendent Aweswine. All characters and creatures who can see the caster must make an immediate Will Save or be overcome by the caster's nearly-deific aura, as if affected by a charm person spell. 
  • 28-29: The Resplendent Aweswine sends the caster one of his prized implements to use for a time. The caster will receive either the chakram of eternity (a +4 chakram, melee or ranged weapon, 1d8 damage; if thrown returns to the wielder unerringly; provides a +4 bonus to all spell casting checks) or the inevitable mace (a +5 mace, 1d12 damage; does double damage to Lawful or Chaotic creatures) for 1d5 hours. Either weapon must remain in the possession of the caster or will be immediately returned to the Aweswine. 
  • 30-31: The caster gains the use of both the chakram of eternity and the inevitable mace (see above) for 1d5 hours. Both weapons must remain in the caster's possession or both will immediately disappear. 
  • 32+: The Resplendent Aweswine has found the caster's actions and sacrifices in his name so favorable that he has decided to whisk him and his nearest allies away to one of the constant parties across the multiverse. Effectively, time stops for the caster and a number of allies equal to his level +1 as they slip through the streams of time and space toward whatever amazing repast awaits them. Upon their return, each has regained all of his hit points, healed all Spellburn and temporary Luck (for halflings or thieves) and healed all points of ability score damage. Poison and disease are completely eradicated from the feasters' bodies and their ravages healed. All spell casters returning from such a feast gain a +5 bonus to their next spell casting attempt. Any class with a Deed Die or Luck Die may roll twice as many such dice within their first round of combat after the feast. Any skill checks attempted after the feast are at a +5 bonus for the first hour after returning. Each feaster may also make a Luck check; if successful, he has gleaned a cosmically important piece of information from his time with the Resplendent Aweswine. If unsuccessful, he has earned the enmity of some eldritch being of the cosmos. The details of both the boon and the bane are to be worked out by the Judge and will likely prove germane to the campaign when least expected...