AVAILABLE NOW: Black Sun Deathcrawl by James MacGeorge [UPDATED!]

by James MacGeorge
"You are The Cursed - remnants of life in a universe of decay. Cannibalistic parasites, you suck a meager existence from the corpse of a long dead reality. No names, no races, your only goal to dig deeper into the earth to escape the rays of the Black Sun that will eventually extinguish what little remains."
In this setting supplement for the Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG, the apocalypse is not merely nigh, it has passed, the world is over and all that is left are the crumbling ashes of the ages before and the Cursed survivors who have yet to succumb to the soul-obliterating rays of the Black Sun. Make what you can of the little time you have left before the Black Sun renders your efforts meaningless. 

At the time of this writing, there are 20 copies of the first printing of Black Sun Deathcrawl remaining, but they're likely to go fast! When you purchase BSDC in print, you'll also get the DRM-free pdf. You can also purchase the pdf by paying-what-you want. 

[UPDATE] Well, we sold out of print copies of Black Sun Deathcrawl in 56 minutes. Admittedly, we didn't have a lot in stock, but James I and I are already planning a second printing to keep you savages sated! We're still hammering out details and how much the 2nd printing will vary from the first, so stay tuned for info on the second printing of this, the most brutal vision of the DCC RPG I've ever seen.

[ANOTHER UPDATE] You can now pre-order the second printing of Back Sun Deathcrawl below! Get on this!