Metal Gods Of Ur-Hadad zine Issue #3 is Here!

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After far too long of a wait, the much-anticipated Metal Gods of Ur-Hadad Issue #3 is here!

In this issue, you'll explore: 
  • A new patron, Atraz A'Zul, the Mother of Spiders!
  • The various currencies of Ur-Hadad and world beyond!
  • The Heist! An adventure toolkit designed to let any Judge run a complex robbery on the fly.
  • A Wayne Snyder Dungeon Insert: The Marrow Web Bridge!
This issue is produced in support of Freedom To Read Foundation's Frank Zappa Fund (more info here:, fighting to keep our public libraries free from the absurdity of censorship. Donations over and above the sticker price of $4 for this product will go to support the important work of keeping book-bannings out of our schools and libraries.