How To Ruin Adam's Day, or "Yes, I Know I've Been Ripped Off" + JoeskyTax [Updated]

[Author's Note: First off, we can call off the hounds. This issue is apparently being taken care of to my satisfaction. In the comments below, and on his blog here: , you can see the "culprit," Ryan B. apologizing and promising to revert back to his original course of action, posting links to material he likes. Second, I'm toning down some of the language of this post because, in the end, much of it was written in anger and Ryan B. has done a great job at assuaging that anger. I'm hombre enough to admit when I've gone off the deep end about a thing, so please indulge me in my self-correction (not "self-censorship," I'm keeping an offline copy of the original language) as an olive branch of my own. Edits below in brackets. Thanks.]

How do you wreck the awesome feeling of coming off of an excellent recording session of your podcast? How about by discovering that your blog has been ripped of MULTIPLE TIMES by some [guy] who's been going about ripping off OSR bloggers left and right?

Yeah, that'll fucking do it.

Look at that shit right there. Yep, this [guy] has copied FOUR posts from here at Kickassistan. He's stolen several others from, Wampus Country, Elfmaids & Octopi and more. As soon as this was brought to my attention, I filed a DMCA claim against this [gentleman], so now I'm waiting for these posts -- if not the entire blog -- to be taken down. I'd also like a public apology and one for all my comrades-in-arms who've been ripped off my this.

And so, dear readers, I'd like to take a moment to directly address "Wylantern" or "Ryan B." or whatever this [gentleman] wants to call himself.

So, now I'm talking to you, Wynlantern/Ryan B. Lets leave aside for a moment the absolute douche baggery of stealing other people's posts. That's just clearly unethical. And while the jury is out on exactly what form of [guy] you are, there are two things I can say with absolute certainty.

First, you have the biggest balls of anyone I've ever come into contact with in the OSR community. Seriously, to perpetrate the wholesale theft of other people's content like you've done takes some huge gonads. In fact, they're so large, you might want to get them checked out by your preferred health care professional. Where do you go from here? Publishing other people's blog posts on RPGNow or something? I really hope I didn't just accidentally give you your next scheme...

Second, you have impeccable taste. You've stolen from me, +trey causey+Erik Jensen+Dyson Logos+Jason Paul McCartan+Mike Evans+Chris Tamm+Jack Shear  and oh so many more folks who I enjoy and look up to. I'm proud to be considered in such good company. So, thank you? I guess?

And now back to you, not-thiefy readers. Thank you, folks who've brought my attention to this issue. I am aware of the situation and have done everything I can aside from doxing this guy, stalking him and harassing him, and I'm not going to do that. Similarly, I'd expect you not to, as well. Sure, this Ryan B. is clearly [misguided in this matter], but I have faith that, in the end, he'll get his [if he keeps doing this and doesn't fix the problem]. Let's trust this one to the proper channels and clear heads.

Thanks a million for your continued support of me and the Dispatches from Kickassistan.

Joesky Tax: Coin Mail

In the far reaches of Hyperbarbaria, more ostentatious adventurers have always looked for ways to show off their wealth. Among the adventuring elves who've found their way to the territory from the Dreaming Dimension and darker places, a peculiar display of wealth (or even destitution) has arisen: coin mail. Made up of hundreds to thousands of copper, silver and/or gold coins woven onto a backing of stiff leather, coin mail provides a good degree of armor better than mere leather (AC 6) but without the nasty allergic reactions that the iron in chain mail invokes in elves. Suits of coin mail may be commissioned in copper (30 gp, 25 lbs), silver (60 gp, 20 lbs) or gold (120 gp, 30 lbs., +1 to reaction rolls).