Someone Else's Podcast: "What Is The OSR, Anyway?"

At U Con this year, I was on the "What Is The OSR, Anyway?" panel discussion. The Save Or Die podcast released the audio of the panel, so I thought I should link to it here. Here's their blurb on the thing:

This year, U-Con in Ypsilanti, MI added an OSR Track to their convention, and one-third of the DMigos was there to cover the action and record the “What is the OSR, Anyway?” panel discussion. While this is often a contentious topic online, host Ryan Thompson and panelists Tim Snider (Goblinoid Games), Adam Muszkiewicz (Metal Gods of Ur-Hadad), Doug Kovacs (Goodman Games), and Jim Wampler (yeah, that guy) were able to discuss the matter with humor and almost no use of the Star Trek original series battle music. Enjoy!

All in all, the panel was a good time. Like I said the other day, it felt like the deck was slightly stacked against a narrow definition of the OSR, but it's about damn time that side of the argument got its chance to speak, don't you think? 

So, give it a listen and judge for yourself.

[Edit: In case you're wondering, the annoying laugh is usually me.]