Kick This: Barrel Rider Games' Class Compendium for Labyrinth Lord

Dear Old School Friends,

I know we've talked before about how I really don't like to pimp crowdfunding efforts. I know you've been burned before, just like I have. I know we like to talk about them from time to time, and I do like to write about them when they've successfully completed and fume about them privately (or to whatever audience I can get in a bar at a con) when they go wrong. But I don't really pimp things for folks. 

So please, don't take this as pimping. Instead, see this for what it is: me taking the opportunity to call to your attention to a project you might not have noticed yet. Over on, +James Spahn of Barrel Rider Games has posted a crowdfunding campaign for his Class Compendium for Labyrinth Lord. I tend not to back lots of stuff on IGG and back more on Kickstarter, especially since KS is working harder than before to make sure its projects get fulfilled, but James is no stranger to producing content -- a casual glance at BRG's OBS page can tell you that. My best guess is that James used IGG because it allows him to raise a small amount, all he really wants/needs to get his project done and get a new laptop. 

In fact, here's James himself to pitch this thing for me.

When you look at what he's trying to do here, it's both ambitious and totally doable. Barrel Rider has been hard at work for the past 3 years, cranking out character classes for Labyrinth Lord (there's been other stuff for other systems, too, but we're going to focus on the classes). Now, he's putting together 50 classes for Labyrinth Lord in one book. One book. One book that, in this IGG campaign, you can get for $5, and he keeps adding more content to it. 

I'll stow the platitudes. It's $5 in pdf. You can probably afford that. $10 if you want the other stuff BRG has put out recently, too. Get it here.



Your pal Adam