It's Alive! The Drink Spin Run Talk Show Podcast is Alive!

The other day, I mentioned a talk show podcast that +Donn Stroud and I have been working on for a while now. Well, just about an hour ago, the first episode went live over on

The way we set this thing up is that we record two episodes at the same time with our guests. In the first episode, we talk about what we're (a) drinking, (b) spinning ("listening to" if you were shaking on that), (c) reading (which didn't fit neatly into the podcast's title) and (d) running. The first three questions are based on the premise that what we do away from the gaming table should influence what we do at the gaming table (and probably vice versa).

In our first episode, we sit down with +Jason Hobbs+Edgar Johnson & +Mark Donkers to talk about what they're drinking, spinning (reading) and running.

After a short break, we then record a second episode with the same guests, talking about one topic or another. So far, topics have included: favorite non-D&D old school rpg, running convention games and blending sci-fi and fantasy in gaming. The second episode that we record at any given time should air the week after the first one with a particular cast.

If you're interested in appearing on an episode, let us know! There are, of course, some folks who we're actively pursuing for certain episodes (or, at least, planning on it), but we're always looking for more. Until we have all that contact jazz sorted out for the podcast's blog, you can always reach me at with your suggestions, comments, ideas and vague (or specific) threats.