Metal Gods & DougKon Swagnado!

Ladies and gents, GenCon is nearly upon us and, for the second year in a row, +Wayne Snyder and I will be going (along with +Kathryn Muszkiewicz, of course), repping the Metal Gods crew. This year, we'll be joined by our fellow +Metal Gods of Ur-Hadad idiots +James MacGeorge+Edgar Johnson+Gabriel Perez Gallardi and +Doug Kovacs (he always goes to GenCon, but it's only been within the last year that he started gaming with the Metal Gods crew). I'll be running several DCC sessions at the con (one is a playtest of a Metal Gods adventure that will likely turn into the Kickassistan Ministry of Tourism's first non-zine publication, the other is a development playtest of a module the Metal Gods have yet to face), as will Edgar. In addition Wayne & I will be helping Doug with the ever-popular after hours gaming madness that is DougKon (along with +Jen Brinkman+Rick Hull and possibly +Harley Stroh) for the brainsplosion that will be Escape from Catastrophe Island.

For us, conventions always mean an opportunity to pimp new Metal Gods stuff. Well, as of this year. Sure. That's what it is. We love hitting up conventions, and so to celebrate, we've made a bunch of awesome stuff that we want to share with the DCC community. Sure, some of this stuff we'll technically be selling, but we think the pricetag is a fairly small price to pay for the excitement of having this cool stuff around. Here's the stuff we'll have on tap for GenCon 2014:

  • Metal Gods #2 - But you knew that already. If you realize you need a copy of this and the dealer hall is closed, find us (probably at the Embassy Suites gaming with jerk bags) and we'll hook you up. Pricetag $4.
  • Metal Gods #2 Exceptionally Limited Edition T-Shirt - Featuring Wayne's excellent cover art for issue #2. There will be a limited number of these available, but if we sell out early, we'll take rainchecks for a 2nd printing from folks who in attendance. If we have any left over (not likely), we'll offer them for sale here as well. Pricetag $20.
  • DARK RUIN II - The latest release in Wayne Snyder's rules-free, text-free, micro-zine series of adventures. Pricetag $ free! Buy a copy of MGOUH#2 from us or from the Goodman Games booth in the exhibitors' hall and show us after hours and you'll get one of these little guys while supplies last (they may be extremely limited). 
  • DARK RUIN - The original! We're still working on getting this guy out there. Soon to be available in pdf, DRI is like an adventure and "player handout book" all in one. Pricetag $1. 
Other, non-Metal Gods swag that Team Ur-Hadad is responsible for: 
  • Escape From Catastrophe Island Exceptionally Limited Edition T-Shirt - Available to folks who participate in the Cat. Island event at DougKon and in very limited supply! We doubt we will ever make another run of these shirts! Pricetag $20. 
  • Escape From Catastrophe Island Buttons: Designed by Doug Kovacs and made by the fabulous Katie Muszkiewicz (yes, I'm biased), these are freebies Doug will be giving away during DougKon. There are four colors of these, and each night you come you get a different color. Sweet collectable goodness! Pricetag $ participation; you've gotta play to get one of these. 
  • Seven Pits Of Sezrekan Buttons - Again, a Doug/Katie collaboration celebrating Harley's very ambitious funnel tournament. Hopefully, I'll get the chance to play in this. I'm only noting here because these buttons are being worked on at Chez Muszkiewicz right now and will be one of the many bits of swag we're bringing with us for your consumption.
There is a chance that there will be some leftover Metal Gods swag, as I mentioned. Keep an eye open here for further details.