Metal Gods #2 Now On Sale in Print!


The stars are right! Metal Gods of Ur-Hadad #2 is now in the wilds! You can buy it now in print at the Goodman Games booth at GenCon or at Gumroad through this link:

Buy Metal Gods #2 in Print!

Our sincere thanks go out to everyone who has helped support the Metal Gods crew, publishing effort and zine. This issue has been a long time coming and we couldn't have made it happen without your help and guidance along the way. Here's the sales blurb:

You've waited long enough. The second issue of the Metal Gods of Ur-Hadad is here!

In this issue, you'll explore:
  • The Secrets of the Serpent Moon 
  •  Bounty Hunting in the First City
  •  Heirloom Weapons for your DCC low-level characters
  •  Magic Items from Ur-Hadad
  • The secret History of the Elder Races
  •  A Wayne Snyder Dungeon Insert: the Starcophagus of the Crimson Prophet!

This issue is produced in support of Purple Sorcerer Games and their excellent web tools for the DCC RPG which you can find at Any donations over and above the sticker price of $4 for this product will go to support the maintenance and development of Purple Sorcerer's excellent tools suite. 

We're also finally enacting a slight price hike on Metal Gods #1. It's going up from $3.50 to $4 so our acros the board pricing is uniform and because we had priced out #1 based on a postage rate that changed the week after #1 launched. We waited as long as we thought reasonable before enacting this slight price hike, and figure it's now or never. 

Believe it or not, Wayne & I are already working on #3, which is pretty easy for us right now since we're both in the same place (Indy! GenKHAAAAAN!) and we can pitch ideas back and forth really easily. And so, you can expect a preview or two of what #3 might include somewhere in the next few weeks. For now, though, enjoy Metal Gods #2! If you're holding out for PayPal and the pay-what-you-want PDF on OBS, we'll be catching up with you next week.