Metal Gods #2 Cover Art & Info!

In this issue:

  • Secrets of the Serpent Moon! - An adventure toolkit that takes your PCs to a secret Serpent Man moonbase. 
  • Meet the Elder Races: Who ruled Ore before Man? Edgar Johnson learns you about the Elder Races.
  • Heirloom Items for Lowbie PCs: Grandpa Hurg always claimed the family sword was enchanted. Turns out, it might be. An article by Donn Stroud.
  • Looking for some magical items with some decidedly Ur-Hadadly feel to them? Jason Hobbs has you covered.
  • Bounty Hunters of Ur-Hadad!
  • And more!
The price will be going up slightly on this issue because (a) $4 is easier to sort out at cons, (b) we realized that our shipping weight could support a few more pages and (c) postage rates increased right after we announced pricing for issue #1, so we didn't have as much of a buffer in our prices as we thought. So, the in-print prices will be $4 within the US, $4.50 to Canada and $5.50 for the rest of the world and, as always, the pdf copy will be Pay-What-You-Want at RPGNow/DriveThruRPG. As before, the zine will probably be available on Gumroad for a week or so before being released for purchase through OBS and PayPal, but that's largely a personal thing. I've got a few more nuts & bolts things to research but, to be fair, I'll wait to handle those until I'm waiting for Joseph Goodman's approval for #2 (which usually takes a few days to a week or so). 

This one is looking great and we're all getting very excited over here at the Kickassistan Ministry of Tourism!