Zine Update: Incoming Art and Benefit Announcement

It's been awhile since I updated you all on the status of Metal Gods #2, so I'd like to take a moment to rectify that situation. Here's where the issue sits: we're in the final stages of editing and layout (which I kind of do at the same time; I'll edit one thing while layout out something else because that's how my brain works) and waiting on some art from Wayne. Wayne finished the cover last weekend and I can tell you that this one blows the last one out of the water. Yeah, I love that scene of the rooftops of Ur-Hadad, too, but the cover for #2 really knocks my socks off. Expect awesome things from Wayne this next issue. Also, we've added a few other writers to our stable, so you find not merely articles from Edgar and myself, but also a bit from +Donn Stroud and +Jason Hobbs

And now to the real meat of this post: folks who've read our first issue know that that issue was in support of a charity, StandUp For Kids, which fights teenage homelessness. We were looking for a charity to rep for in the second issue, but nothing was coming to mind (since the theme is "Secrets of the Serpent Moon," and there's not a lot of space-related charities, we were having a hard time), so I was just planning on doing StandUp For Kids again when Wayne had a great idea.

"Hey, that Purple Sorcerer annual fundraiser is coming up, why not tie it to that?"

Well played, Wayne, well played.

And so, after a discussion with Mr. +Jon Marr of Purple Sorcerer fame, the Metal Gods team has decided that issue two will be in support of the online DCC tools and the Crawler's Companion that Mr. Marr is the genius behind. Now, because #2 isn't ready, we can't directly participate in the standard fundraiser. Instead, this will be a sort of second round for the fundraiser, a sort of second chance to throw a few bucks the Purple Sorcerer's way. Here's how it works:

When you order a print zine through Gumroad, you'll have the opportunity to pay any amount above the standard price. All donations made in this manner go straight to the Purple Sorcerer. When you buy a pdf copy of the zine through RPGNow/OneBookShelf, it'll be in a pay what you want capacity and we'll split the net earnings with Purple Sorcerer. At this time, I'm not sure how to allow for donations along with PayPal payments, but I'll be looking into that as well. 

So there you have it: the next issue has freaking great art (which I'll tempt you with as soon as is realistic) and will support a great series of tools that every DCC group uses anyway. That having been said, don't let it stop you from participating in the first round of Purple Sorcerer's fundraiser! Manly +Michael Curtis and "Strohodor" +Harley Stroh are each getting behind the effort and have reached deep into their own private treasure troves to provide incentives for donors! Keep the Purple Sorcerer tools available and free!