Following Up With The East Mark

Lest I be accused of being unnecessarily negative (which tends not to happen online, just in real life), I'd like to take a moment to address a couple of Adventures in the East Mark facts that have come to light since my last post about it last week. Apparently, the manuscript which I thought was set in stone was much less so, and some things have changed. Namely, nearly all of my gripes with the original pdf have been fixed. 

Here's a break down:
  • "They Misspelled My Name" - No, they didn't. Apparently I did on my backer survey. That's the problem with typing too quickly, I guess. This has been rectified. 
  • "Goofy Name Syndrome" - Turns out that "Poptar Grove" is not the place that Poptarts come from, but rather should be "Poplar Grove." As in a place named for a grove of Poplar trees. Huh. I feel much better about that. Oddly, it makes me feel much better about the whole naming thing in general. "Poptar" must have been the fault in the armor.
  • "No Black & White Version" - Fixed! Now I can have my nice full-rez version I use when I want to drool, my optimized version for normal laptop use and the BnW version for use on my Kindle Fire. Yep, I have a ghetto tablet and am proud of it.
Other stuff isn't going to get fixed. They aren't about to just cut goblins & kobolds out, nor should they. My disappointment at the inclusion of adding the traditional humanoids is really a disappointment in the game in itself, not just the English translation, so there's nothing XD can do about that. 

Also, the maps aren't about to change in this version, but after I suggested that XD hire +Dyson Logos or Matt Jackson, +David Brown came out and said that "...we hope to make our own mark on the line in the future!" That's a pretty bold and badass statement. Translation is one thing. I'm glad that XD has the balls not only to translate, but to interpret the East Mark for its new markets on this side of the Atlantic. 

Well done, XD folks. You guys are running a game company in a manner you can be proud of and I'm really geeked for the Blue Box KS. Keep the hits coming.