Another Kickass Milestone I Nearly Missed: Our 251st Post!

I know, I should have posted this as the 250th post, but I kind of got distracted by dice. Can you blame me?

So, 251 posts here at Dispatches From Kickassistan in the past two years. I owe the vast bulk of the fact that I've gone this far to the encouragement of all the fantastic folks out there. You've pushed me to keep going, to turn my ramblings about "you know what would be cool in a game?" into a remarkably successful ongoing campaign (well, three, really; I kind of owe the community for the Iron Coast and Quasquetherion as well as Metal Gods) and then into a critically-acclaimed fanzine (if you count everyone who says nice things to/about me as critics) and into whatever comes next for Kickassistan.

I'd like to thank the Spellburn guys +Jim Wampler+Jeffrey Tadlock & my old pal +Jobe Bittman for the kind words they've had for me and the Metal Gods of Ur-Hadad zine, most conspicuously in the latest episode of Spellburn (though the various manglings of my last name for the past few episodes have been fun). In case you've missed that episode of Spellburn, check it out here.

I feel like every time I hit one of these milestones, it's my instinct to just start thanking folks, to give shout outs where I feel shout outs are due. This time, my list of potential shout outs is so crazy huge that I can't even wrap my head around it. Here's the TL;DR version: If I've met you, gamed with you, had meaningful discourse with during/about/(some other preposition) gaming with you, hung out at a con with you, threw ideas back and forth with you, argued about gaming with you, then I owe you my thanks and know it. Thank you.

As for what's next here in Kickassistan, be advised that the second issue of Metal Gods is shaping up and could really benefit from an "Adam sits down and just hammers shit out" session that should be coming this week. No, that does not mean that the zine is coming this week. It should be out before the end of May, but give a brother some time. The whole Metal Gods tornado has been a fun ride and on behalf of +Wayne Snyder+Edgar Johnson and myself, thanks for making it possible. I've yet to crunch the numbers, but it looks like you'll have helped raise a decent chunk of change for StandUp For Kids.

The Kickassistan Ministry of Tourism is gearing up to produce a few non-zine things as well. Edgar's cooked up an adventure that we're in the process of fine tuning into a serious release. There's a strong chance we'll be turning some modules I've been running at cons into real products as well. There have also been some rumblings about +Jason Hobbs and I collaborating on some form of Western game. That'd be cool.

I think my next Kickass Milestone post will be either 300 posts or 100k views, whichever comes first. Personally, I'm hoping it's the views.