Warlock "Week?"

Last month, I ran a series of posts about henchman I erroneously titled "Henchman Week." It was actually a very fun period and the amount that I had forced myself to write was really very useful, particularly going in to the very prolific writing period I find myself in. Yes, you're not seeing as much of it here, so I was hoping on forcing myself to do another "week" of posts on a particular topic.

This time around, I was thinking about doing a series of posts on the Complete Warlock. Not so much of a series of reviews, but a series of incisive looks at specific topics in Warlock and, from my perspective as someone who runs in and plays a lot of OD&D stuff and is enamoured of the Golden Age of wild and diverse house rules collections that comprised the OD&D era, I thought it might be fun to take a look at a book that many folks regard as an "often overlooked classic" and see why it's a classic.

All of this concept follows on the heels of my recently finally tracking down a (non-physical) copy of the Complete Warlock. I've been pouring through this pdf (along with a few other neat old school books of the same era and niche) and have been amazed what I've found. I see why it's a classic and even how much it helped shape later D&D. I sort of can't keep my hands off the thing right now, which feels slightly blasphemous in a very cool way.

And so, probably starting this next week (you know, the one beginning tomorrow), expect another "week's" worth of posts on the Complete Warlock and it's use. And by week, I mean "seven posts on the same topic that won't necessarily fall during the same calendar week."