Shout Out To ConTessa

I'm not an rpg news blogger, so I know that I'm not breaking any news if I talk about ConTessa. Nor if I mention that there's been some controversy and LOUD TYPING about the fact that its a lady-centric convention designed to encourage more ladies in gaming and game design and that that fact has nothing to do with men at all.

I'm not an rpg news blogger, so I won't bore you with those details or try to sway you to my line of thinking with more LOUD TYPING.

Instead, let me just say that I applaud +Stacy Dellorfano and the other ladies involved in making ConTessa happen and be a success. I agree that there need to be more women in gaming. I hope your con is a total success and I'd like to do something to help, so I've thought long and hard about what I can do.

Unlike the other gents who have concluded that they can do nothing to help, I decided I can, if only indirectly. I've decided that I want to see if I can encourage a lady gamer I know (or who reads my blog) to run something during ConTessa.

And so, +Wendy Murch+Jen Brinkman+Kathryn Muszkiewicz and every other lady gamer I know, I want to see you run something at ConTessa.

Maybe not this ConTessa, you might need more prep than that. Maybe next ConTessa. But some ConTessa.

Volunteer on their website:

Please note, this is not being posted as troll bait. I don't want to have an argument. Let's all be civil ladies and gentlemen in support of our fellow gamers regardless of gender.

Rock over London. Rock on Chicago. Wheaties, the breakfast of champions.