My DIY Delving Deeper Judge's Screen

For the past few months, as I've run the Quasquetherion Delving Deeper game, I've come to want a good old fashioned Judge's Screen. After a lot of searching online for one, I found nothing but a thread over on the official Delving Deeper forums suggesting a format and content. So, I made my own. Yep, I stayed up late Saturday night making one and laminating it (it was the maiden voyage of my recently-purchased laminator) and now, a few days later, it's time for me to share.

Please bear in mind that this screen is a first draft and imperfect. I already know how I want to change it around for my next draft of it (like formatting the pages in landscape so that the screen is lower but covers a wider area), and, as always, your ideas and feedback are welcome.

I'd also like to mention, for all those legal reason that one does such stuff, that the stuff here isn't my work, but the work of the awesome team behind Delving Deeper, including the artists. Additional art was taken from Weird Tales #1 and ... somewhere else on the internet (the picture on the front of the shield that wasn't from the cover of one of the DD ref books).

I had a surprising amount of fun making this thing and I'm going to have to do more stuff like this.