Henchman Week, Day Let's-Pretend-It's-Four: The Fifth Stage is Acceptance

So, the next time I decide to do a week of posts about a particular topic, I need one of you dutiful readers out there to go ahead and remind that I should write out all of my posts ahead of time so that things like weekend games and having some drinks after those weekend games and then being slightly hung over the day after those weekend games don't get in the way of my poorly-planned week of posts. Thanks. I appreciate it. Glad we're functioning as a team here. 

At this point in the henchman-attracting process, you've found your potential henchmen, figured out which one(s) you'd like to hire and even shown them your plumage made an offer for employment. In my last post, I talked about assembling your offer and the hiring modifier that gives you. Keep all that stuff handy, because you're about to use it, because we need to find out whether or not your "potentchman" accepts your offer.

The Acceptance Check

The simple mechanic to check whether a potential henchman will accept an offer or not, the "acceptance check," is a 2d6 roll, adding the appropriate offer modifiers and the employer's applicable Charisma modifier (if any and if appropriate to the game system). Compare the result to the following chart:

  • 2: Outright refuse and slander
  • 3-4: Outright refuse
  • 5-6: Politely refuse
  • 7-9: Unsure
  • 10+: Accept terms
  • Natural 12 or 15+: Accept with enthusiasm
If the hiree outright refuses, no attempts to sweeten the deal will allow a reroll. You just don't get to hire that guy. Ever. If he also slanders you, you take a -2 penalty to subsequent attempts to hire in the same settlement.

If the hiree politely refuses, you may attempt to hire them again, but you will be at a -2 penalty to all further acceptance checks with the hiree, even if you improve the offer. This penalty is cumulative.

If the hiree is unsure, you may take a moment to bring something new to the table. The "something new" may be a revision to the terms of the offer or it may be a new argument as to why the hiree should work for you. Either way, your next acceptance check is without penalty from this result.

"Accept terms" means precisely what it says: the hiree enters into the employ of the PC under the terms offered. On a "natural 12" (or a modified roll of 15 or better), the hiree accepts with enthusiasm, gaining +1 loyalty (see the Loyalty Check).

Back To The Drawing Board

If your potential henchman doesn't accept your offer, you may revisit the terms of the offer that you made him. Any changes here may result in a recalculation of the offer bonus made to the acceptance check and should be counted when the next acceptance check is made. The only limit to the number of acceptance checks that can be attempted is the DM's patience (and rolling "2" on the acceptance check). 

The Missing Wage Chart

In my last post, I talked about the monthly wages for henchmen by level, but I forgot to give you a chart for it. Here's the missing chart:
  • 0-Level Noncombatant (torchbearer, etc) - 6gp/month
  • 0-Level Man-at-arms - 12gp/month
  • 1st-level - 25gp/month
  • 2nd-level - 50gp/month
  • 3rd-level - 100gp/month
  • 4th-level - 200gp/month
  • 5th-level - 400gp/month
Okay there we go. Now we know whether your "potentchman" will accept your generous offer of employ or not. "Tomorrow" (whenever that is), we'll talk about your new henchman's degree of Loyalty with a capital "L."