Someone Out There Gets Me

Thanks to +Erik Tenkar, I found out today that +Charles Akins wrote not only the best damn list of OSR blogs ever assembled, but also a brief description of Kickassistan here that I found to be terribly complimentary. Charles writes:
Dispatches From Kickassistan A blog that tends to leave me thinking about how much fun it is to be playing Dungeons and Dragons style games without attempting to tell me that I'm a moron for going my own way. Great introduction to this blog by the way. Updates: About eleven times a month. 
I'm deeply, profoundly proud that this is the experience that Charles has had with Kickassistan. Folks who know me know that when I have negative feelings about a thing, bile and vitriol is all I can manage. Somewhere along the line, I knew that I didn't want Kickassistan to be yet another blog of rants and jeers and negative effluvium (other than those "Did I Seriously Just Watch...?" posts I used to do; I kind of miss those), because I don't enjoy reading those. I've been tempted several times to vent about this or that thing, issue or book, but I don't see a point in it. At the end of the day, you deserve to enjoy the things you enjoy and you definitely don't deserve someone shitting all over them.

And so, +Charles Akins, I'm very glad that Kickassistan has you thinking about how much fun it is to be playing D&D -- or whatever else it is you might choose to play -- and going is your own way is the only way for you to go. You've reminded me what Kickassistan is all about, and for that I thank you.