Announcing Henchmen Week

I spent a long time last night working on a post for the old blog here about henchmen. Running several different old school-style games at the same time often means that I end up cobbling together several different rule systems into a whole that's only cohesive so long as I keep it all in sight at the same time, which means that whenever I switch systems, I tend to lose sight of some of the particulars of my loose alliance of vaguely compatible rules and occasionally end up contradicting myself or creating opportunities for the more nit-picky among players to try to find loopholes. So, I decided that I need a single Unified Henchmen Theory to straighten out the parts that need straightening out to help me keep my eye on every part of strange -- though often useful -- whole.

Last night, I tried to write that Unified Henchmen Theory, but I realized I had far too much to say for a single post. How can I confine all the tools I'd need to handle henchmen in each different system to a single post? Instead, I decided today (in my frustration over my inability to keep it down to one post) to a whole week of posts about henchmen, not that it's going to end up terribly complicated or anything, just that I've got a lot of ground to cover. And while we're at it, I'd love to hear your ideas as well.