The Iron Coast: Henchmen in Port Scourge, Divine Edition

Hey folks, this post is my answer to +Paul Linkowski's need in my Iron Coast ACKS game for a cleric-type henchperson. This information originally appeared in a post on G+, but I liked it so much, I'm bloggifying it. 

Shikoba Crowbrother

(Level 1 Shaman)
One of the native Kaasataha people of the interior of the Iron Coast, Shikoba has taken up residence at Port Scourge after receiving a vision from his totem animal, the crow. A holy man among his people, he takes every opportunity to learn about the world around him (which right now means learning an awful lot about how awful mankind can be in Port Scourge). If hired, Shikoba leaves a portion of his treasure in sacrifice in any crows nests he comes across. 

Jaruush, the mad hermit 

(Level 1 Cleric)
A middle-aged Siccalian mariner who has retired from life at sea after a mind-altering experience, Jaruush now worships "he who waits beneath the waves," though "worships" could also mean "placates," "abates" and "fears." Though much of his mind has been ruined (the dented bronze Siccalian helmet he still wears bears testament to some form of head injury), that Jaruush has been endowed with some otherworldly power is undoubtable. If a player character hires Jaruush, his incessant nocturnal babblings at first seem irritating to the party, but after a few moments become soothing and after a few nights in Jaruush's company, the party will wonder how they ever could have slept without it.

Caixalla, the oracle of sin 

(Level 1 Witch)
Touched by dark and unnamable cthonic powers, Caixalla's favor and favors are courted by the richest and most powerful of the pirate captains of Port Scourge. As much a prophet as a purveyor of fleshly delights, Caixalla ran afoul of Captain Essahn bar Elwall, captain of the dreaded Fang of Pluur, and now is "exceptionally motivated" to leave Port Scourge on an expedition, any expedition that might keep her out of harm's (and bar Elwall's) way. If Caixalla finds herself among the adventuring party, she insists that her employment includes the duty to tell a different story every night as well as to record the story of the party's exploits; these she recites as poetry, although occasionally her gift of prophecy leaks into her epics and interjections of prognostications of the future will find themselves wedged between lines of action and dialog ("little did they know that..." etc.).

Any of these fine folks can be yours for the low, low cost of 30 gp per month and a 15% share of your cut of the treasure.