New Blog Art!

Ladies and gents, I'm very proud to finally show off the fantastic art that +Wayne Snyder drew for the old blog here. Wayne did an amazing job capturing what I feel the aesthetic of Ur-Hadad and Kickassistan in general is: a techno-wizard with a laser lance riding a multi-armed, uzi-toting transdimensional wyrm fights off an invasion of Mi-Go, the fungi from Yuggoth. All set in Ur-Hadad, of course. I've been really lucky to have Wayne as a player in the world of Ore from moment one and he's not merely a great artist but also an amazing collaborator full of awesome, crazy and crazy awesome.

In Kickass Red
In Module Blue; This is the version going on t-shirts!

While we're at it, here's the Dispatches From Kickassistan buttons that we're making. Long-time followers of the antics of the Order of the Purple Tentacle should get the joke. (Again, art by the fantastic Mr. Wayne Snyder.)