Happy Birthday, Kickassistan!

Somehow, I made it through a whole year of doing this blogging thing. As of today, Dispatches from Kickassistan is now one year old! Here at Kickassistan Central Command, I'm looking forward to another fantastic year. I've got a bunch of irons in the fire right now, lots of games and projects happening and on the horizon. Year Two will feature some of these new projects as well as plenty of the old stuff and plenty of new stuff that my brain is crazy far off from cooking up right now, so stay tuned! Without you, dear citizens of Kickassistan, these Dispatches mean nothing, and so Central Command (me and the wife) yell out the loudest "thank you!" we can muster; you've helped turn Dispatches from one guy and a laptop into, well, still a guy and a laptop, but a guy and a laptop who's now doing much cooler things and more of them. Thank you, Kickassistanis! 

While we're at it, here are some specific thank yous and shout outs I feel are necessary and well-deserved:

First off, colossal thanks and props go out to the Metal Gods of Ur-Hadad crew, including +Edgar Johnson+Wayne Snyder+Bear Wojtek+Gabriel Perez Gallardi+James MacGeorge+phil spitzer and +Jason Hobbs, along with all the other folks who've followed the Order of the Purple Tentacle into certain doom high adventure. May your wizard bongs be eternally stocked with purple meat and sorcerer brains and may you never run out of ape men to slaughter should you require shelter (or entertainment). You guys are truly the new Metal Gods of Ur-Hadad. 

Second, I want to thank the fantastically supportive rpg blogging community, both of the OSR variety, the general variety, and those folks who, like me, hang out comfortably on the fringes of various trends in gaming. Thanks to your example and support, I've been inspired to take this Kickassistan thing as far as it'll go. I'm not about to start dropping names here (seriously, just look in the blogroll off to the right), but I stand on the shoulders of giants. Thanks guys, I get it now. 

Finally, and I'm really dipping into the sappiness for a moment here, folks, I need to thank +Kathryn Muszkiewicz, my lovely wife. She not only puts up with this Kickassistan nonsense, but she gets excited about it and works way too hard at helping me out with something that isn't even one of her favorite pastimes. 

Let's celebrate Kickassistan's birthday the same way we did a year ago. It's time for some motherfucking Korgoth!