Quick Update: Con Prep Devours All My Time!

Don't click him, he's a tease. 
So, as of yesterday around 6:15, I am officially on vacation, a vacation which will run me through this year's MichiCon event on Friday & Saturday (I'm running DCC sessions both nights) and then a Tigers game on Sunday. Busy weekend, lots of fun to be had! All week, I've been doing small amounts of prepwork for my games, but just today it dawned on me: "this shit starts tomorrow!" In that time, I have to finish all my prep for +Michael Curtis's amazing Tower out of Time (not really much to do here, just building some neat info sets for my players so they can have all the stuff they need in one place and won't need books) and a shit ton of stuff for my own To Catch A Fallen Star. TCAFS is a 0-level funnel so, rather than let the folks roll up a bunch of 0s, I plan on pre-printing some (by some, I mean a deck's worth, 52) level 0's generated by Purple Sorcerer's funnel fodder machine (thank you +Jon Marr for making this possible!) and having them laminated to create a deck-o-zeroes for the players to draw an appropriate number of characters from. As of this moment, I have to put together 13 pdf pages from Marr's doohickey so there'll be 52 zeroes. Totally doable. The adventure itself, however, needs a bit of love, especially since I'm a Con-GM virgin and don't know how much we'll actually be able to get through in one night. That's why I'm running the Goodman Games adventure on Friday (6:30p onward, come check me out!) and my own on Saturday (again, 6:30p on), so I can tailor my own material to how the other session goes. I should be posting info as the day goes by on G+, so look for some ramblings there, with possible recaps of the imaginary action here.

But wait! Because I have a hard time justifying a post that doesn't add something to the blog and is merely informational, here's a neat thing I'll be trying during my funnel game on Saturday night!

DCC Zeroes Draft

There will be 52 pregenerated level 0 characters, the same as a deck of cards. Decide which player gets first pick by whatever method the table agrees on (die roll, high card, thumb wrestling, best bribe for the Judge, whatever); the Judge picks how many zeroes each player gets. The idea is to offer a degree of choice along with the randomness associated with the deck of 52 random zeroes. Here's how play goes down:

Player One: Flips a card for the whole table to see. If Player One likes the zero, he may keep it, or he may decide he doesn't want it. Either way, it's Player Two's turn.

Player Two: If Player One took the zero he flipped, Player Two's turn looks just like Player One's did: flip a card and decide whether to keep the zero or not. If Player One declined to pick up the zero, Player Two must either (a) take that zero or (b) take the top card from the deck.

Player Three: If there's a face-up zero on the table, Player Three has to choose whether to (a) take that face-up zero or (b) take the top card of the deck. If there is no face-up zero, Player Three plays the top card of the deck face-up.

This draft continues until every player has the number of zeroes that the Judge has decided. Once a player has that number of zeroes, he is out of the draft.

And now, I've got to go run Tower out of Time for the Metal Gods crew as practice. Have fun, folks, and I'l hope to see some of you at MichiCon tomorrow.