Kennels of Ur-Hadad

It took me a week to figure out which "K" word to write my "K" post for the A-to-Z of Ur-Hadad, I even farmed the question of what to write for "K" out to the Metal Gods of Ur-Hadad G+ community. I'm pretty sure that's where +Edgar Johnson suggested "kennels," which, it turns out, was a pretty damn good suggestion. 

Man is far from the only animal who makes the First City his home. Aside from the intelligent races such as elves, halflings, dwarves and (arguably) vermen, thousands of species of animal make their homes in Ur-Hadad, many of which Man has tamed or domesticated to one degree or another. As a result, animal handlers maintain kennels all throughout the First City to house and care for the many animals owned, needed and used by the citizens of Ur-Hadad. Most kennels maintain stock for sale or rental in addition to those of residents of the neighborhood who pay for professional care for their animals and some even specialize in strange and unusual animals from the far corners of Ore. The quality and rarity of animals available at any given kennel varies widely, usually in proportion to the social class of the surrounding neighborhood, but always the kennels serve some form of purpose. 

The typical Hadadi kennel features a central courtyard for daily exercise; in less wealthy districts, these courtyards will be smaller and poorly-appointed while in more opulent parts of the city, these courtyards can become veritable gardens. Near the docks and other poor parts of the First City, these courtyards will rarely be more than weed-choked mud fields. Surrounding these courtyards are the kennels proper, where pens of appropriate size house the beasts cared for here. A gate to the courtyard and pens will be surrounded by the handlers' quarters and living areas, who have to remain on site at all times. Even if some handlers do not live on site, at least the proprietors will, since caring for the beasts requires constant supervision. Normally, the handlers' quarters will be multi-story dwellings with several views of the courtyard, so that the head handler may make sure his order and standards are being kept adequately below. If a kennel is sponsored by a noble or merchant house, this master handler is often a member of that house (and thus keeps lavish accommodations on site) or a trusted retainer. 

That's enough of that, it's table time!

Ur-Hadadly Kennel Kreator!

Who's In Charge Here, Anyway?

Who runs this show? Roll d11. (1 - 2) - It's an independent operation, a "mom & pop shop." (3 - 4) - Loosely associated with a minor merchant house. (5 - 6) - Loosely affiliated with a noble house. (7 - 8) - Openly run by a merchant house. (9 - 10) - Openly run by a noble house. (11) - Organized crime! 
Things Get Better: For one reason or another, the proprietors are inclined to favor the PCs. Things Get Worse: Maybe the PCs offended a member of the noble house, smell bad or are wearing the wrong color. Whatever it is, the proprietors naturally disfavor the PCs. 

What's For Sale Here, Anyway?

What kind of animals are available at this particular kennel? Roll d11. (1 - 2) - Dogs of the domestic variety. (3 - 4) - Wild canines of a more exotic sort (dingoes, wolves, trained foxes, etc.) (5 - 6) - Large and deadly predatory cats. (7 - 8) - Apes and monkeys of all shapes and sizes! (9 - 10) - Procyons like raccoons and tanukis as well as larger, clever marsupials like opossums and wombats. (11) - Bears. Friggin' bears. Things Get Better: The animals in question are exceptionally well-trained and -cared-for. Add 1 to their morale scores (or give them a +1 bonus to morale check Will saves in DCC) and they'll know one more trick than normal. Things Get Worse: The animals are either poorly-treated or relatively untamed. They suffer a -1 penalty to morale (-1 to morale check Will saves in DCC) and, on a failed morale check, will attack their handlers instead of run away. The animals also know one fewer trick than normal. 

How Many For Sale or Rent?

Roll d11. (1 - 2) - A few (1d4). (3 - 4) - A handful (1d8+1). (5 - 6) - Some (1d12+2). (7 - 8) - Plenty (2d10+4). (9 - 10) A bunch (4d6+6). (11) A whole mess of 'em. (6d8+8). Things Get Better: The sale/rental terms are very favorable. Things Get Worse: The sale/rental terms really suck. 

Anything Else?

Decide if you need something else and, if so roll d11. (1) - The proprietor has a secret. (2) - One of the animals is a runaway from the kennels of a (or another) noble house. Nobody's noticed yet. (3) - The animals are smarter than normal, and have taken a turn for the murderous against their handlers. (4) - One or more of the animals is actually the reincarnation of one of Ore's most important thinkers, rulers or artists. (5) - Vermen secretly plot to free the animals in the kennel as a distraction for some other crime. (6) - Whatever animal(s) is handled at this kennel, the constellation bearing its form is high in the night's sky, marking your purchase today as auspicious. (7) - Old an infirm animals here aren't buried, they're being eaten. (8 - 9) - The proprietor's daughter (or son) takes a special interest in one of the PCs. (10) - Kittens! Or puppies! Or baby apes! Whatever's raised here, it just gave birth and now it's your opportunity to raise your own! (11) - The proprietor stages weekly fights between the animals of his kennel and a nearby rival. So far, either the local guard haven't noticed or have been well paid off. Things Get Better or Worse: Figure it out, it shouldn't be too hard.