Death In Ur-Hadad, Part 2a

So, it turns out that when I wrote yesterday's Death in Ur-Hadad post, I forgot to add a random table, so here it is. 

What's the Jallurite's Death Weight like? Roll d11: (1 - 2) - A clay spindle-like cylinder set with semi-precious stones, bound to the Jallurite's body by a leather thong. 20 bits value. (3 - 4) - A flat chunk of a bronze engraved with the Jallurite's last wishes, featuring two large holes through it to bind it to the faithful's clothing. 40 bits value. (5 - 6) - An armor plate worn to protect a shoulder, this Death Weight features an ornate bronze plate laminated onto an iron shell that has corroded over the years and is completely unusable. 75 bits. (7 - 8) - A shield with ornate silver appointments fit onto a long-rotted wooden facade, backed with a beaten-silver lining that lists the disbursement of the faithful's earthly wealth. 150 bits. (9 - 10) - An impractically large plate of tarnished silver, finely etched with ornate script and set with at least one gemstone of some quality. 300 bits. (11) - It is unlikely that the Jallurite who possessed this Death Weight ever plied the sea lanes or had to carry it into battle. A large, gaudy plate set with gems and gilding of all sorts, this Death Weight encases the deceased's wrists like shackles. Things Get Better: The Death Weight is worth 1d4 x 25% more than normal. Nice find! Things Get Worse: The Death Weight is haunted! The spirit of the original possessor of the Death Weight (along with any crew his Death Weight may have purchased on the Empyrean Sea) swears vengeance against the defilers of its funerary treasures!