Kickassistan Turns 100

It's pretty hard for me to believe, but this is the 100th post here at Dispatches From Kickassistan. My first post was on August 14th of this last year, a mere five months ago, and in that time, I've gone from intermittent posting whenever something struck my fancy to new blog post every day or two. It's also been pretty hard to believe the great reception that there's been to my particular brand of gaming logic here on a real blog as compared to what I had previously been getting on WotC's official site.

I'd like to take a moment to thank you, dear reader, for getting me where I am today. If it hadn't been for you, and the other readers like you, encouraging me daily with reposts, comments and +1s over on G+, I don't know if I'd have gotten as heavily into this whole blogging thing as I am now. I might have been a "one or two posts a week" sort of guy, not the sort of guy who obsesses about what I can do next that folks might find interesting. This blog set me up with the players of the Metal Gods of Ur-Hadad game by connecting me to +Edgar Johnson  so, in a roundabout fashion, this blog actually created more material for itself simply by existing (and by being paid attention to by the right people). Since this blog served to thrust me into the world of running games online, it has also thrust me into the world of playing games online, too and I've joined in on quite a few different G+ hangout games, particularly those run by +Brian Takle & +JD Clement.

I have lots of neat new stuff planned for the next stage of Dispatches From Kickassistan. The first of which is a new title banner that's being designed by +Wayne Snyder, one of the players from the Metal Gods, the proprietor of the Goblin Mini-Mart and a damn fine illustrator. He also bites when DMs try to convince players to look into toilets inside of dungeons. I can't tell you to much about Wayne's new banner for the site, mostly because I feel like describing it might give too much away (and this deserves to be a surprise), but I'll say that it suitably gives homage to my crazy horror/sword & sorcery pulp and postapocalyptic cartoon influences. I'm contemplating moving to a custom URL for the site when I get the new title banner, but I'm not completely sold on the idea.

Some of the new stuff planned is really just the old stuff, or, rather, the stuff that got most people to visit Kickassistan in the first place: you'll be learning more about Ur-Hadad, the strange world she inhabits and the bizarre creatures that populate her. If you've been around for the first 100 posts, you'll know what to expect here, but if not, be prepared for some strange. Tied to the world of Ur-Hadad (but not necessarily within it so that everyone can get mileage out of it) is the as-yet-untitled Dreamlands- & Dreamtime-inspired
hexcrawl toolkit that I'm slowly assembling and you'll see the pieces of as they become useful. Finally, Winos & Wastrels, my downtime-management system for OSR-style games, will continue to take shape. Tada! Lots of stuff coming in the next 100 posts from Kickassistan.

To round out this post, I'd like to end off where Dispatches From Kickassistan got its start back in August: Korgoth of Barbaria.