Meet The Players

Earlier today, I asked the players of the Google+ Metal Gods of Ur-Hadad to tell me a little bit about their characters (a very little bit). I got far more than I bargained for. Here's what they came up with:

Wayne Snyder

I've got Denny Smedd, typical looking Thief and Clave Naglioni, turnip farmer turned Chaos Spear wielding Slaughterer.

Edgar Johnson

I've got Kormaki Lemmisson, Cleric of the Metal Gods, a former ostler. His preferred weapon is a long sword but he also carries a mace. He's wearing studded leather armor and shield. 

Thumpy McStabsalot managed to survive his funnel experience (Pauli Uselesson did not). He is now a 1st level warrior, and wears chain mail. He has a mace, for now, but probably will try to purchase a sword at some point.

Xandra Moriti is a former squire, turned adventurer. She's still in the process of trying to survive the funnel. If she does so, she'll most likely become a wizard (17 Int), though she certainly could be a thief (13 Ag). She carries a longsword, but is not armored.

Gabriel Perez Gallardi

The Minstrel Formerly Known As Ian is now a hairy Wizard.

Wile in Mustertown he hired a dwarven chest maker and a costermonger as men-at-arm and shield-bearer respectively. If they survive the expedition to the ape-men temple they might become fighters (STA 15 & 16).

He also hired a healer to look after the mule and supplies. She might become a cleric (STR 18, INT 16).

Bear Phillipe

Bear Squad roll call!

Vane Barute is a 1st level bandit warrior. He specializes in the warhammer, has a shortsword sidearm, and wears the fabled sea dragon scale MIHPAoBSI. He enjoys moonlit walks and ruining things that others have worked hard to make nice.

Digger Smolken is a 0 level grave digger who wears Vane's old chain mail and wields a hand-me-down scimitar. He sings loudly and off-key, and gives not a damn whether anyone else likes it or not.

Scrum Jenkins is a 0 level mendicant who is happy to have a paying gig for once. He has himself a bronze dagger. He's hoping to prove his value by surviving and showing himself worthy of some meager form of protection.

Mr. James MacGeorge has yet to reply, but once he does, I'll share what he has to say about his one surviving character, Crag Beerbeard.

[Edit] And then I found this post. Thanks, James.

James MacGeorge

 Crag Beerbeard, heroic Dwarven Blacksmith, managed not to outperform, so much as just outlast his compatriots.  He has discovered a bit of an affinity for the Longbow, ironic considering his racial handicaps, but nonetheless he seems to have taken the roll of the Deadeye Crackshot of the party, plugging several ghouls full of holes in last night's session.