Killed a Dragon? Wear Its Face! Dragon Scale Armor in DCC

Okay, here are two completely unrelated things came up in gaming for me today. Here's the first -- I need to think more about the second.

First, in Kickassistan (so, DCC RPG system here), should one manage to actually kill a dragon, there's easily enough dragon scale on that hide for a suit of scale mail, half plate or full plate armor. Doing so requires a skilled armorer (or a PC of the armorer profession), money and time. The armorer needs to have access to leather straps, bits and bobs along with accompanying buckles, grommets and fasteners that cost up to 75 gp (for scale mail & half plate; 75 sp on the silver standard) or 150 gp (full plate). This results in a fairly unadorned but functional suit. This suit of armor has the following benefits above and beyond normal armor of its type:

  • Reduces the fumble die by one step in the dice chain; thus, a suit of dragon scale plate armor has a fumble die of d14 rather than d16.
  • Reduces the armor check penalty by 1.
  • Reduces the speed penalty of the armor by 5'.
The suit takes two weeks to craft for scale mail or half plate, but two months for a suit of full plate. By spending an additional 150 gp and an additional month of labor, the armor may be adorned and filigreed with silvers and golds. Such ornament gives the wearer a +1 bonus to attempts to intimidate or impress persons who are impressed by ostentatious displays of wealth such as nobles, merchants or the greedy.