A Dream About No-Shave NaNoWriGaDeMon

I'm not one of those guys who can remember many of his dreams, and I'm thankful for that fact, too, if the dreams I can remember are any indication of what the ones I can't remember are like. So, it was much to my surprise that the dream I had last night had stayed with me when I woke up and that it wasn't disturbing at all. Rather, it was the sort of thing I want to share with you folks out there who are undoubtedly the reason my brain came up with thoughts like this (well, at least part of why). So, here it goes.

In the dream, I was creating a cross-platform media challenge that required participation in any one of NaGa DeMon, NaNoWriMo or No-Shave November. Yup. It was No-Shave NaNoWriGaDeMon.

The set up is that some important to you has been kidnapped and it's up to you to use Novemberly activities to get them back. Whatever route you're going to take, you've got a month to get there, so there's no crunch for time.

[Here's the part where I have to figure out the particulars of the dream, so this might take me a minute.]

If you chose to write the novel (go the NaNoWriMo route), you were writing some subversive piece that would make the kidnappers believe that both you and the person they'd kidnapped weren't just sympathetic to their grand cause, but that you wanted to join their revolution (or coup or religious movement or whatever). Through carefully-written dialog, you'd convince them to let the kidnapped person go, but ultimately they'd realize your duplicity (you know, when you'd try to run away), and you'd better have written an awesome getaway scene and resolution.

If you chose to create a game (and enjoy NaGa DeMon), it had to be a fair one (the kidnappers would somehow know if you were cheating) that you'd have to beat all of the kidnappers at, facing off against all members of their diabolical cadre. Somehow, though, you had to let them get good at the game you'd just designed; I think the dream used Rocky-style training montages for this.

Finally, if you celebrated No-Shave November (or Movember for my fellow men who won't/can't grow beards or Novembeard for folks like me who really enjoy contractions), once you'd grown your beard, you could just waltz right in, your beard allowing you to infiltrate the kidnappers. Traipse in, free the kidnapee, then traipse right back out.

I love how, even in my subconscious mind, beards trump many other things.


  1. Just for general knoweledge those who CAN'T grow beards are called women. Or Succubi or bus or something.


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