Character Sheets for DCC

Is there a good one out there anywhere? I know that Purple Sorcerer has a nice-looking one up on their website, and I've found a few on the official Goodman Games forums, but nothing yet has really struck me as awesome or more useful than any other. I'm really shocked that Goodman hasn't released their own sheet, despite the fact that they released a sheet for 3.X D&D for their DCC (pre-DCC RPG) modules). Any suggestions out there for a decent character sheet?


  1. No one answered you? I just found your blog, but:

    1. There was some discussion of this over on G+ back when this post was made, but I've settled on using Jeremy Deram's sheets over on People Them With Monsters. I made my own sheet for wizards & elves for spells, mercurial magic and such, but it's not terribly pretty, mostly just functional.


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